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Our company is strongly committed to technological innovation, fiscal security, and sustainability.  Our online system gives clients fast, secure, and paperless access to their financial information.  It also creates additional fiscal controls through e-mail alerts and an online database of payments.  The following features are available to your organization:

  • FINANCIAL REPORTS and educational materials are available online to be accessed by our clients, or authorized representatives.  For your organization, this means that your chief executive and board members will be capable of downloading financials through a secure login.  Past financial statements and reports will also be available online in your database.

  • ONLINE ACCOUNTS PAYABLE allows your organization to authorize cash disbursements online. You can designate multiple authority levels for unique users.  This system allows for a high level of fiscal control, while being customizable for each client’s needs.

  • ONLINE CASH RECEIPTS allows your organization to submit deposit information to us securely.